Coffee and Catch Up!

church-st-1On Sunday 18th May, we all came together for a casual coffee and catch up. This takes place roughly every 3-6 months to enable the group members to either meet one another for the first time, or catch up on the gossip amongst old friends!¬†Everybody is always welcome, although we do request that you let us know if you with to attend so we can make sure we have a big enough table booked (we’re a friendly bunch, but we draw the line at sitting on one another’s laps!).

As always, we met at the Urban Coffee Company in Church Street, Birmingham City Center to take advantage of their welcoming surrounding, luxurious coffee and lush food! And that we did – we may have stuffed ourselves slightly silly!

church-st-4These meetings are also an opportunity to swap ideas and plan for the FUNdraising year ahead! We welcomed a new group member which was lovely, and there were some great ideas being thrown around the table! The most exciting item discussed was the news of the Nanning Rescue and how we could help the 130+ bears in the rescue. If you’re interested in attending the next meeting, please get in touch and we’d love to meet you!